IT Services & Custom Software

  • Application Design

  • Web-Based Software Development

  • Mobile Applications

  • Database / System Integration

  • Software Security

  • NIST Compliance

  • Authority to Connect (ATC)

  • DISA compliance (ACAS, HBSS, STIG, SCAP, etc.)

  • Database Design & Management

  • Open Source Software

  • Training

  • Help Desk & User Support

  • Application Testing, Rollout, & Implementation

  • IT Support

Our roots are in IT and software development

computercodesmSYNCADD is a technology company with roots in system and software development. We provide industry leading support with a focus on simplifying processes, increasing business productivity, and eliminating user downtime. We offer a variety of professional technology services including application design and development, database design and management, and systems integration.

At SYNCADD, we consider security and usability high priorities. We assisted the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM), Installation Geospatial Information & Services (IGI&S) Program, in fulfilling all security certification requirements to obtain the Authority To Operate (ATO) ePRISMS as an Army Enterprise system in a commercially provided 3rd party hosting service.

Our systems evolve to best match the Army’s changing needs. SYNCADD began developing PRISMS, the Pro-Active Real Property Interactive Space Management System, back in 1998 for a single region. Over the years, SYNCADD revolutionized PRISMS into enterprise PRISMS (ePRISMS), the cloud-based Enterprise solution for Army-wide space utilization management.

Our experienced team creates customized software and applications, integrating systems with legacy or dated software while ensuring seamless transitions to the latest technology. We consolidate and adapt business systems into a simplified IT architecture for maximum user engagement and strategic decision-making, then evaluate system performance to streamline database management, increase ease of use, and create decision support tools. Finally, we provide experience integrating authoritative business systems with geospatial context to expose real-world spatial relationships.

We believe in strong customer service and provide training and help desk support as part of our deliverables. We’re available for on- and off-site support or on an as-needed basis. Whatever your needs are, SYNCADD can create a software tool or system that will satisfy it.