Data Reconciliation

Quantifying Mission Readiness

Installation Management products, outputs, and decisions are impacted by the Real Property Inventory (RPI). Inaccurate information is frequently the root cause of duplication of effort, incorrect conclusions, and the inability to respond appropriately, often resulting in costly decisions and actions. As a leading provider of GIS installation services for real property asset management and GIS reconciliation, SYNCADD is uniquely positioned to provide Garrison and Headquarters level support and audit compliance for every directorate and field any reporting metrics necessary to quantify mission readiness.

SYNCADD has employed a variety of GIS feature validation and field attribution techniques to support the Installation Real Property Reconciliation assessment and reporting. With a footprint on various programs including the Installation Status Report (ISR), GIS support, Real Property, and ePRISMS space utilization, SYNCADD has an all-inclusive solution to real property reconciliation and asset management. This value added approach can maximize legacy systems and provides for an enduring product easily leveraged, sustained, and driven by installation programs.

As part of a recent Army installation Real Property and GIS reconciliation effort, the SYNCADD team assessed nearly 22,000 GIS and Real Property assets.  The team provided program level guidance, GIS data updates, and Real Property management reports to the Department of Public Works (DPW). The resulting effort realized a potential $2 million shortfall in the Facilities Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (FSRM) budgetary cost reporting for the Garrison. SYNCADD’s support solution also provided a standardized product aligned with and integrated between GIS and the Real Property directorate guidelines. Entrusted by the Garrison with an enduring support role, SYNCADD is positioned to support the installation by further refining space utilization reporting, GIS and Real Property Reconciliation, Audit Readiness, and compliance management. This will narrow the gap between FSRM budgetary demands, Real Property asset reporting, and GIS management and support.