With the Department of Defense Inspector General’s (DoDIGs) Audit Report in 2015 and full financial statement audit in 2018, Headquarters Installation Management Command (IMCOM) understands a correct Inventory is a foundational prerequisite in ensuring accurate and complete reporting of real property information and compliance with on-going financial statement audit requirements. The IMCOM Operations Order (OPORD) 19-009 Real Property Physical Inventory will provide a consistent and accurate reporting of all IMCOM real property that meets financial statement audit compliance and real property asset management requirements. This OPORD will require that all IMCOM installations conduct a 100% physical inventory of all real property assets within the Army’s Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) – the General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS).

IMCOM Directorates, and their supported installations, need to effectively inventory, manage, accurately document, and report their Real Property asset inventory in accordance with IMCOM Operations Order (OPORD) 19-009 Real Property Physical Inventory and the Chief Financial Officer Act (CFOA) of 1990. A clear, comprehensive strategy for achieving real property accountability, management, and audit readiness is critical to ensuring limited resources are assigned effectively to facilitate sustained and measurable progress.

SYNCADD is actively supporting installations to meet OPORD Physical Inventory Requirements with a customizable approach capable of integrating into local directorate needs. Our scalable solution provides a critical path for installations to achieve real property accountability and audit preparedness; while balancing short-term accomplishments with long-term goals.

SYNCADD’s strategic plan meets real property physical inspection and data collection criteria mandated by OPORD 19-009, plus augments customer facility requirements planning, real property asset lifecycle management, and space utilization reporting. SYNCADD understands the key to achieving real property asset accountability, management, and auditability, is focusing on the entire real property asset acquisition to retirement (A2R) process. Our approach balances this intensive requirement by leveraging current and emerging technologies and systems integration to incorporate efficiencies in the assessment, review, update, and validation workflow.

SYNCADD, a woman-owned small business (WOSB), has over 30 years of experience supporting the U.S. Army with geospatial, IT, space management, real property, audit readiness, and master planning solutions. We have played an integral role in the management and optimization of Army accountable assets and facilities worldwide. Our industry leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) our ready and capable of extending their OPORD solution to meet your garrison mission. SYNCADD can be accessed through some of our many existing contracts, contract vehicles, GSA Schedule, or the Certified 8(m) WOSB set aside.