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This is an age of dramatic new mission imperatives and undeniable fiscal restraints. In a world that enjoins us to work faster, better and smarter, many of our management systems and processes are too slow and fragmented. The need is to have processes and applications that move at the speed of the 21st century. What exists are people, methods and mechanics that are trapped in circumstances that seem impervious to change. For executives, the result is diminishing control in an environment that necessitates total command. SYNCADD exists to strengthen control and enable productive change.


Pro-Active Real Property Interactive Space Management System (PRISMS) is a dynamic database that facilitates the management of Real Property information. It serves as the foundation database from which business process applications are built upon for holistic installation planning. The system provides personnel with analytical capabilities for space utilization, user analysis, floor plans, building efficiency analysis, building photos, space assignment, demolition tracking, and other installation management tools necessary for effective asset management.

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Many installations have begun to implement Smart Meter technology to help them to understand energy usage. To achieve their energy goals installations are also realizing that new, more detailed insights about energy usage was needed. They needed to know how and why energy was being consumed to make these insights actionable. By combining energy metered data with the PRISMS facility data powerful insights can be revealed. These include use by organization, by building gross square feet, by building net square feet, by building Facility Category Group, by occupancy, and may other key perspectives. The PRISMS Energy Management Tool can provide you with the insights to achieve your energy goals.

Space Utilization
Given today's growing fiscal challenges military installations must be able to manage their real property asset portfolios at new proficiency levels. Less funding for new capital expenditures will require installations to optimize existing assets. How well space is being used is a key metric for improvements to asset performance. Being able to manage down to the "space" level of a building is essential for effective analysis. Whether it's space utilization, energy utilization, maintenance, chargeback, stationing, planning, or decision making, having access to the right data is essential. Being able to determine how well space is being used from multiple business perspectives is key to optimizing asset performance.

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